John Deere 4520 Error Code 59, 204, 226

John Deere 4520 Error Code 59 204 226 Problems

I have been stumped on this case for a couple of weeks. I have a John Deere 4520 Subcompact 2011 stock larger than 6500 engine. 4024HLV11 engine. 420 hours in the unit.

Error code 59- No one could find the code and corporate JD stopped their support which is nice of them. but with a little research and confusion between the 1969 4520 and the subcompact 4520, I have read no reverse pedal position sensor, no pressure from the ground driven pump, hydraulic speed control.

204 and 226 I couldn’t find much in these two either. Someone plugged a diagnostic tool into my tractor and got, SPN 189 engine speed, SPN 237 FMI = 31 condition exists, 134 Fuel temp, FMI = 12 SPN 2003 SRC ADD 3.

I have replaced the hyrdo sonar control, Fuel filter replaced

Tested the OHM and VOLTS on the reverse pedal sensor. Tested 1-5volt resting at .5Volt *** Engine oil change, it was 20 hours late, when I replaced the engine oil filter I realized there was no oil in it, maybe it went to the suction because it was dirty?

Change of transmission oil and filters, I was a year late. Air filter change

The tractor was in the garage before this happened, no problem, he went to start it one day and error code 59 appeared, the idle lowers automatically and the tractor creeps at low speed. Any help would be great.

Error code 59 indicates that the chassis number stored in the transmission control unit (TCU) computer does not match the chassis number in the instrument control group (ICC).

Do they appear as ERR_ on the screen? Are you sure it’s not the numbers 204 and 206?

  • 204 is the voltage is not dropping from the ECU when the key switch is turning off
  • 206 is the same as SPN 189

Was it the John Deere Service Advisor tool, or something else?

SPN 237 FMI = 31 condition exists, This is a general message telling you that the VIN messages on the CAN bus are missing or the controllers on the CAN bus are not responding in the required time

134 Fuel Temp, is it an error code or an SPN? Are you sure it’s not 174? I think the fuel temperature sensor is connected to the engine control unit (ECU) I don’t know what that error means … sure the reading is out of range for what the computer expects, like an open or short circuit in the circuit.

FMI = 12 SPN 2003 SRC ADD 3. This is essentially ERR_59 indicating a Mismatch VIN on the TCU / ICC

Tested the OHM You can’t Ohm these sensors. They emit a voltage. There are rotary potentiometers and VOLTS on the reverse pedal sensor. Tested 1-5volt resting at .5Volt Sounds good

You might have a problem with your TCU, but I would make sure your battery and connections are healthy. The TCU computer has 1 high quality plug that is sealed and screwed in. you could look at that for the fun of it. All lands in an open station go back to the front frame on the left side.

John Deere 4520 Error Code 59

You could check those.

  • You need to make sure that you have solid power for all the computers;
  • Unhook the battery and give everything a good reset;
  • Check the integrity of the CAN bus communication cables between the 3 computer units.

You can enter diagnostic mode and see what the sensors are reading from the instrument panel display.

If the problem is not power / ground related, I think you will need a JD technician to unload the TCU computer, or possibly replace it.

It looks like you might have some cable integrity issues, so it wouldn’t be too quick to replace the component.

That’s all the time I have until we see if you’re a “One Post Wonder” Oh, and give all the cables a quick look to see if there’s damage to the mouse.

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