John Deere 4520 Compact Tractor Error code 59

John Deere 4520 Compact Tractor Error code 59 Problems

I had a bad group of instruments not RPM, TEMP or fuel indicator stuck in 2004 John Deere 4520 compact tractor. The indicator of hours / mph was the only thing that worked. I bought a new group of instruments from a local John Deere dealer for a little over $ 1k. Now I have the error code 59 that I think is the unprogrammed VIN code. How can I program the VIN code in the instrument group?

Take the tractor to the dealer. They have the team to diagnose and schedule the ECU.

Yes, that’s exactly what Err_59 means … the VIN in the ICC does not match the TCU. I think only the dealer can adjust that using the Service Advisor. I think 1 hour of work should cover it.

And the dealer should have made that fit when you bought the cluster. Or at least explain what is needed.

Just to inform me I have looked at this ERR 59 on my maintenance CD for my 2006 4320. There is Err 59 / VIN and when you click you can drive to a ERR 75 then maybe ERR 76 and finally a ERR 77. The VIN has to match Between the chassis of the tractor, the HST controller and the screen. From what I have read, the VIN can not be corrected through the screen. This has to be done in the dealer and the dealer should have known that he would need the instrument group installed on the tractor to program the screen.

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